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Hi Raj, Although we are not psychological state experts, talking with a specialist regarding the issues with regards to your partner’s lying. Near you, we advice looking’s if you’d like to get a therapist directory of psychological state specialists right here: https: //www. Html You can also appreciate this website post dealing with how exactly to assist an one that is loved requires treatment: https: //www. Html

Derek S

Is this treatable?

I experienced recently gotten right into a medication problem… I’ve lately done absolutely absolutely nothing but lie and harm everyone else around me… I got innocent individuals in some trouble and am attempting to bring straight down some young ones I believe are bad… I just recently knew I could have a concern with lying… looking back on my household we have had this dilemma with lying… however in recent years it offers gotten even even worse and worse… I am planning to go to court… I think I’m gonna expose everything and acquire treatment… i would like the help… thus I do like exactly how this kind just told my life tale into the most useful terms… I’m gonna begin seeking the help… thank you


I have always been a liar and I also require assistance

Marie flippin

I have 19 yr daughter that is old lied about a fantastic buddy to us. She fabercated an account which he had strong emotions for me personally and desired to be my boyfriend. We began getting texts from him supposely and then he said just how he felt about me personally and I also thought it. I obtained pictures of him abd things he’d say lonely we knew also it went to date from him or anything letting think it was that i thought he had asked me to marry him and we went to where he worked and she went in came out with a ring in a bag that earrings go in with message wrote on front saying i love you will u marry me and then he called said sorry he couldn’t come out and give it to me but wanted to know what the answer was and i crying said yes and her sitting knowingly it wasn’t even. Permitting me personally inform my children and buddies i was marrying him abd it wasnt also real. Knowningly he had been nevertheless involved to their gf letting me think these were perhaps perhaps perhaps not together anymore but I quickly told a lie about the means he puposed for me and that ended up being incorrect and got busted through the guy and my children member and i wanted that it is cause that is true really liked this guy but nonetheless didn’t ensure it is straight to lie. Nevertheless when i comfronted my daughter she’s going to perhaps perhaps maybe not acknowledge it plays for us the wedding date specical Christmas together us moving in with him and helping him run his business etc like it was this man doing it they face timed together sitting things up like vacations. To where i was thwenking i was texting their child as well as Christmas i offered them presents where i place a heart felt page in his telling him that we adored him plus one in his daughters saying i enjoyed her all just make me look just like a crazy girl given that’s how he views me personally crazy and unwell. She allow this go on for 90 days prior to the mans girlfriend caught on and confronted me on facebook and that’s once I identified my very own child done all this if you ask me and our frinend along with his gf. I’ve never ever been therefore enraged disgusted humiliated ashamed heartbroken during my life that my daughter that is own would this to her very own mom along with other individuals lives and destory them like this and destory my trust in her and our buddies rely upon us. Please inform what direction to go on figuring this our.


I completely understand! We dated a sociopath for just two years and have a creep that is online continues to lie, stalk and harass me personally. My heart is out to ppl within these circumstances since these severely all messed up people belong in long haul facilities that are mental. Hang in there and move forward good ppl: )

Christian B

The companion we ever endured ended up being the light of my entire life additionally the only individual who available me feel really delighted. I’ve wondered if i may ever see her on right here. Her lies destroyed my entire life and I’m nevertheless wanting to recover couple of years later on. I’m perhaps maybe not the only real one she’s done things like this inside, but definitely the worst. We can’t forget about my love on her since it ended up being therefore unconditional, such as an used child, and We swore I’d never ever abandon her, but she abandoned me personally after which returned, then again I type of kept her, being unsure of how to deal with things and every thing got therefore seriously and overwhelmingly worse from then on. There’s a whole community that believes I’m one thing I’m maybe maybe maybe not, and particularly as a result of my very own history, we can’t live being connected that way and i recently desire to perish. I’m afraid she needs, she’s going to live her life like this, and soon I’m just going to fall by the wayside, losing forever the person I care more about than any other if she doesn’t get the help. Losing myself along the way. We nevertheless cry every single time. We can’t move ahead.


For a long period We have ignored the fact my 23 yr old son is really a liar that is pathological. It really is a rather really thing that is hard state. But recently their lies for 36 months have all linked and it also became obvious that he had lied and committed fraud with relatives who have been so supportive financially and emotionally as I found out. The lies all came tumbling down recently and when I dig deeper it’s scary. He wont say the terms as lie and take, he can just say mistaken communications or which he discovered in the place of stole. We don’t see any connection he’s got made to how his actions has received fallout that is terrible all of these around him whom love him. Personally I think that i need to make him confront exactly what he has got done and let hin understand that he’s got to alter, it wont be simple, and he requires assistance before our relationship can carry on. Personally I think like i must tell him this has to end. If it does not our relationship will never be exactly the same. The lies on the previous years has been over absolutely nothing to lies about their work, residing abroad, getting loans from family relations for which just just just what took place is he forged a check. It didn’t also make any logic or feeling. Does anybody have a few ideas on how best to consult with him? Thank you, Kathleen


I don’t realize I lie until I have caught.


That’s awesome. Modifications the known degree of trust in my situation. I’m gonna test it but We won’t get caught; )

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