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) and a number of other people. Until this harassment began, I was functioning, putting alongside one another a enterprise, and generating strides to put my previous blunders at the rear of me. Then, for no explanation at all @JayLeidermanlaw ‘s associates and shoppers assault me (Tara, Sue, David, YourAnonNews, etc. ) get in touch with me a federal agent, and many others.

Jay himself built accusations of me getting in a “50 percent way property” and that I was a “monster”, a federal informant, etc. Well Jay, absolutely nothing is more from the real truth, if you would have stopped to think about what you ended up helping to perpetuate right before you sent your “private army” of on-line trolls for your personalized amusement, you would have observed, that I have been one of the loudest activists performing on Aaron’s Regulation, which would ironically have legalized the very harassment that your customers have been carrying out in opposition to me, and several many others, at your direction. You helped prompted this. I hope that you can get prosecuted as well. See you all in heaven, as I have made my peace with God.

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I hope that you all do to. rn(posted from my personalized pastebin account for authentication reasons. )My information will be turned around to law enforcement when they seize my computer, those in the possession of many others will make it is really way to the feds as effectively -the password to my containers higher than, with a next copy of my materials possessing been provided to my lawyers (not Sue, as @JayLeidermanLaw as soon as once more bought that completely wrong for additional online lulz, far too. ). Dude, look at what is left of your lawful vocation. You are possessing a flame war with an aspie even though you lose scenario after situation. If you experienced any sense you’d be emotion ineffective and humiliated. That base you’re hitting is seriously heading to hurt. Please, by all signifies take the Leiderman. org away.

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I will challenge it and we can go by a legthy legal struggle above a 20$ domain. It would not charge me anything at all to reply, but it does price tag you some Vicodin Pills. About that Restraining Order… HAHAHA how do they work out for you? DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE and Ignored, Overlooked, Overlooked. Are you phishing for extra facts that you can attempt to use towards me in a court of LOL? The humorous thing is, these are nameless feedback, and they could be any one.

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I am applying TOR at the rear of VPN and no cost on the internet Proxy Tunnels. You see my IP as: 162. 247. seventy three. 206 . You makes an attempt to try to entrap me is amusing. These nameless postings are about as admissable as individuals 9,000 internet pages of authorized documents you submitted to the Court in San Jose even though high on Vicodin. In any celebration, no 1 cares, and as before long as you get any clientele, I will be in contact with them, or a person will be in touch with them, and they will speedily run away to come across a new attorney.

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Your profession is about, since you rest with puppies like McGibney and Anonymous and a couple of convicted felons took all that glamor you experienced away, and uncovered you for the Cockroach that you are. I should acknowledge, with each and every new filing that you make, I lulz even tougher, I am certain that the Honorable Freeman was lulzing at your lawful beagle definition of “Raid”. That was amazing.

There is nothing much more exciting than trolling the shit out of your situations. How is Dillon Crawford by the way? You get individuals expenses dismissed? And what of that Mexican Mafia Dumb Ass that you posted the mug shot of? Did he intimidate any person? Or are they equally snitching like your boy Matthew Keys? The funny point about all this, is you are the one particular who really should be using the higher street.

But you proceed to interact. I will TiT4TaT whenever and position, just for lulz. This is a match, and ruining your life is so substantially enjoyment. It is wonderful what a man or woman can do with the means that I have at my disposal.

In every war there is neither a winner or a loser unless a person celebration does not give a shit and is engaged for the enjoyment of it damn the repercussions.

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