Swipe right: the emergence of dating-app facilitated assault that is sexual. A descriptive retrospective audit of forensic assessment caseload within an Australian metropolitan solution

Swipe right: the emergence of dating-app facilitated assault that is sexual. A descriptive retrospective audit of forensic assessment caseload within an Australian metropolitan solution


The employment of dating ‘apps’ to facilitate real-word encounters that are social strangers is culturally main-stream. Intimate assaults facilitated following dating-app conferences were reported into the news, and anecdotally noted at increasing regularity by medical forensic doctors. Restricted empirical data implies there is an increase that is marked true to life intimate offences facilitated in this way. There clearly was small information that is additional concerning the circumstances among these so-called incidents. This retrospective review of a tiny forensic assessment caseload from an Australian metropolitan medical forensic medication solution identified that 14% (11 of 76) of alleged sexual assaults where complainants underwent a forensic assessment had been facilitated adhering to a meeting that is dating-app. Further analysis among these instances identified that most complainants had been feminine, Blued login many under three decades of age. All alleged a solitary male perpetrator as well as in over 50 % of the instances the complainant had been reduced. In every instances when it absolutely was expected (n = 9), the alleged incident took place during the first face-to-face conference. Over fifty percent of this incidents happened during the alleged perpetrator’s residence that is private. Anogenital accidents had been seen during the time of forensic assessment in 60per cent of situations, and 70% had body that is visible. There clearly was no reported condom usage. Only 1 complainant had no observable damage. This case that is small quantified a top percentage of forensic intimate attack assessment caseload to be facilitated by dating-app conferences, and identified some typically common features which may be characteristic of alleged sexual assaults occurring in this way. The writers propose a bigger potential amount of data collection during the time of forensic examination that is medical to characterize the options that come with intimate assaults allegedly occurring after app-based conferences.

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Clinical Forensic Medicine, Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine, Southbank, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Janine Rowse, Caroline Bolt & Sanjeev Gaya

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