‘ Do you touch your self once you think of that night? ’he asks…

‘ Do you touch your self once you think of that night? ’he asks…

‘ Do you touch your self once you think about that evening? ’ he asks, sound lilting as their eyes burn into yours along with to rub your feet together to relieve a number of the arousal, whimpering aided by the motion and bringing Jungkook’s focus on your actions.


‘I’ll take that as a yes. ’ he smirks, pulling you nearer to him, the hand that is not holding your chin straight away delving to betwixt your feet, pinching your legs in order to make you component them and also you almost buckle towards the flooring utilizing the motion of one’s dead feet, reaching up to grab their shoulders quickly, a hand sinking directly into hair in the nape of their throat and pulling, extracting probably the most delicious groan from him that goes directly to your core.

‘I wont try this before you do anything unless you give me your consent. ’ he murmurs in your ear as his fingers brush over your lower lips through your thin bed shorts, and your lips curl up slightly at the lesson you had taught him- always get a girls consent.

‘You cant build me personally up like this. ’ you inhale, staring up at him with daggers for eyes, lips hanging open slightly while you make an effort to buck against his hand.

’…And think we wont wish to- after i’ve invested the past 3 times getting myself down towards the looked at you fucked away in that chair…wondering just what could have happened if it absolutely was you in the place of Tae. ’ you whisper, teasing him to have a response at this time, desperately requiring some friction against your inflamed clitoris.

He bounds into action, instantly pressing his fingers into your clit, crushing his lips to yours to swallow your gasp, his kisses angrier than Tae’s, using more teeth as he pulls at your lips, swiping his tongue in instantly, twirling the muscle with your own as he rubs aggressive circles into you, your shorts being soaked, but from the way he was grinning into the kiss he didn’t give a shit when he hears the other boy’s name slip from your lips.

‘Tonight, you’re mine. ’ he hisses, fingers causing you to be for an additional, making you whimper in the front of him, before their fingers are on your own ass and he’s lifting you to the atmosphere, causing you to put your legs around their waistline you back into the nearest wall, pinning you there as his thumb goes back to stimulating your core, moans rolling off of your lips and onto his as he pushes. You are feeling their wet, cool sides pin one to the stone as their arms visit your t-shirt and you squirm under him, the feel of their rain wet jeans making shivers battle through you during the sense of them against your core and rear.

‘Take your jeans off. ’ you groan, hands raised above you as he breaks aside the kiss to get rid of the flimsy cotton t-shirt, fingers quickly going to your breasts and teasing them, reminding you associated with the other night, and you also cant help but flick your mind straight back contrary to the wall surface arching into their touch.

‘If they’re bothering you that much, Y/N, just simply simply take them down your self. ’ he breathes against your throat where he had started to keep dark hickies, along with the recommendation you’re loosening your feet from around him, whining during the lack of friction, but eagerly unfastening their switch and zip and just starting to peel the denim from their epidermis, the dampness rendering it somewhat harder and you also start to get frustrated, finally getting them down after just a few minutes and planning to stand back once again up, whenever you feel their hand on top of one’s mind, forcing one to stay down.

‘You can complete everything you began one other evening whilst you’re down there. ’ he growls, hooking their thumbs into their boxers and pressing them down his feet, although you simply take them from him before they’re hardly over their ass cheeks, ripping them to their ankles and licking your lips at the sight of their arousal ins from your own face, standing proud because it arches towards their belly, showing you the way fired up you had been currently making him.

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